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Article 800-6 of the 1999 NEC states "Communication circuits and equipment shall be installed in a neat and workmanlike manner. Cables shall be supported by the building structure in such a manner that the cable will not be damaged by normal building use".

Article 800-52.b(e) states "Raceways shall be used for their intended purpose. Communication cables or wires shall not be strapped, taped or attached by any means to the exterior of any conduit or raceway as a means of support".

In the past, it was common for low voltage contractors to install cable in a ceiling and strap the cable to any existing hanger or conduit that they could find. This is no longer "legal". For compliance to these articles, we are offering a fabricated steel "Communications Hook" for the installation of communications or systems wiring in congested ceilings of new or existing structures. "Communications Hooks" can be installed in locations where cable tray can only be imagined and at a fraction of the cost.

The original hook designed was an assembly with different quantities and sizes of hooks. These hooks are fabricated at a standard size (approximately 24" overall length) and since the shaft is 3/8" all thread rod, the hooks can be made longer with a rod coupling and additional rod or shorter by cutting the shaft.  Change in direction, to avoid ductwork, sprinkler piping, etc. is much more simple and less costly than the same installation using cable tray.

Our design progresses into our current most popular hook, individually mounted single aluminum hook in 4" and 6" sizes. Attached are sample specifications for these 4" and 6" hooks.

Hooks are fabricated of cold rolled steel and shipped for field painting if desired. The welded construction provides plenty of strength for communications or systems cables to be bundled together with "Ty-raps", and laid into the hook.

For concrete construction, just install an anchor and screw in the shaft of the hook.  For steel construction, just screw the hook into a beam clamp.  Recommended spacing is 2' to 3 OC.  Size and number of hooks on the assembly can be altered to allow for ample cable space.  If desired, the hooks can be made from flat stock in lieu of round for easier wall installation.

These hooks have been used in hospitals, office buildings, schools and health departments.  The fact that these hooks are made of steel or aluminum makes them acceptable for use in plenum ceiling spaces.

Use of these hooks must be approved by the electrical engineer or governing authority, SoSpec accepts no responsibility for unapproved usage.

Feel free to contact us with any comments or questions.

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